Creative Communication with Teens

Get creative when coming up with conversation starters! If you're a "preacher," and you notice that preaching isn't really super effective, abandon, abort, throw it away! Try something creative as a way to open up communication with your teen. I created a quick and pretty direct powtoon (below) as a way to introduce topics with a group of teens. Sure they laughed at me and my "tragic" video teen decided to "narrate" the entire presentation and the monotone voice she used was certainly not the one in my head as I was making the video. But the point is, she read it! They all listened, and the dialogue that followed was important, thought provoking, and likely influential. Don't be afraid to get creative in your approach to communicating with your adolescent/loved one.


Get your household organized: Initial APP REVIEWS

I've been working on coming up with a list of helpful apps to get one's household more organized, synchronized, and running that much more automatically and efficiently. Thus far, I've reviewed the apps below...more detailed reviews to follow!

Calendars to manage life

  • Cozi
  • iCal
  • Google Calendar
  • Pocket Life (can sync them all!)
  • Readdle Calendar
  • Informant 5
  • Planner Pro

To-Do Lists

Apps to convert pics to documents

  • Scannable (saves to phone documents, as a pic, to be shared via email/apps, etc)
  • Microsoft Office Lens (saves to OneNote, Word, Powerpoint, Outlook, OneDrive, as a pdf, to be emailed, as a photo)

Apps to scan receipts from your phone

  • Fetch 
  • Shoeboxed

Apps to monitor kids' behavior/reward systems

Apps to help with time management

Habit Tracking

  • Way of Life
  • Habit List
  • Streaks
  • Habit Bull
  • Momentum
  • Habitica (more for kids)
  • Productive

Time Tracking apps

  • ATracker
  • Hours

Manage Documents

  • Evernote
  • Microsoft One Note
  • Google Drive

Tools to Manage ADHD Symptoms: Homework Stations


I'm all about having the right tools. For me, it is most important in the kitchen. I absolutely need my vitamix blender for making cashew milk...and I cannot perfect my delicious bread loaves without my USA loaf pan. In the same way, I think kiddos can thrive from having the right tools to help manage their ADHD. This week, I'll be scouring resources to come up a list of apps, websites, gadgets, hacks, etc. to jump start kids, teens, and adults alike when it is time to sit down and crank out homework/projects. To start, head over to Jessica Booth's site and view her blog post on homework stations for a little inspiration....and view the checklist below!

Summer Time & The Count Down to School Starting

Summer is here...the longer day and late sunsets...oh how I love it.  Many of the stressors that adults and children typically struggle with and that wreak havoc on a home, magically disappear or are greatly reduced during this wonderful time we call summer.  Kids are away at camp or off to grandparents, aunts, or uncles.  Adults are taking vacations with friends or simply enjoying time without children.  The stress has lessened.  Insert a deep breath and sigh of relief. 

As July's clock continues to tick, some people might notice anxiety creeping up in their children. Irritability, unexplained edginess, procrastination with scheduling or finalizing details when it comes to packing for college, clinginess, etc. School and college can be pretty scary places now. Many adults have jobs that they do not love, bosses who micromanage, co-workers with poor boundaries, unrealistic expectations, unspoken fears of organizational restructuring...there are many feelings that come with waking up in the morning, preparing for a commute in to that. Children experience similar feelings when it comes to school. Be on the look out for those feelings when summer begins to wind down...and reflect empathy.